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The White Board

The Green House
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Residents! Friends! Lovers! THE WORLD!

If you live in the Green House, you belong here. If you have to ask what the Green House is, then there is a slight chance that this may not be for you ... more than a slight chance.
arrested development, being vegan, being vegitarian, bikes, bollywood, broken pipes, bubbles, comics, cookies, david bowie, dead lightbulbs, drama, dumpstering, eating ben's food, eating meat, emigrating to seattle, fighting over chores, french horns, game cube, getting backrubs from thomas, gordito's, guitars, heebs, i'm a scottaholic, monkey pub, n64, nes, not unpacking boxes, poop!, ps2, psychonauts, rats, roomates, scott pilgrim, snes, spaced, sparklers, stacy's chilli, taiko drum master, the porch couch, the share, tofuti cuties, vegitarian corndogs, video games, warcraft, xbox